Launching in January 2019

Multiply is the newly formed global church-planting agency that resulted from the recent merger of MB Mission, a global mission agency serving in more than thirty countries worldwide, and C2C Network, a North American church-planting network serving across more than thirty denominations.

The Journey Thus Far


When C2C Network and MB Mission merged in 2017, the two agencies shared a strong passion to see the Church united and fully released into mission. But what else did these two mission agencies have in common and, more importantly, why did God bring them together?


Making disciples together


Both organizations share a rich mission history within the larger story of the Mennonite Brethren Church. It was a fresh move of the Holy Spirit among Mennonites in Southern Russia in 1860 that brought renewal in many people’s lives. From the very beginning, MBs were characterized by a renewed faith in Jesus that was expressed in a passion for sharing the Gospel with others. This was seen first locally with their fellow Mennonites and Russian neighbours and then, in 1889, by sending their first missionaries to India. As MBs, we embraced our calling to make disciples together.


Planting churches together


Due to persecution in Russia in the early 1900s, many MBs were scattered internationally and new churches were started wherever they went. They also continued to send missionaries to the ends of the earth. In North America, MB Mission was formed as churches united in a common cause to see the Gospel proclaimed where it had not yet been heard and churches planted where no churches existed.


As the MB Church in North America continued to grow, church multiplication in Canada was particularly fruitful. During this time, MB churches in Canada founded the C2C Network to resource church planting for MBs across the country.


At the same time, in many global settings where MB Mission was working, more national leaders were taking charge and seeing fruitfulness like never before.


As MBs, we embraced our calling to plant churches together.


Growing partnerships together


In response to rapid church multiplication, MB Mission began re-positioning their global workers in a more supportive role alongside national leaders. Increasingly, the new strategy was focused on building healthy partnerships with national church-planting networks.


In Canada, C2C was already blossoming into a cross-denominational resource and, as a catalyst for unity within the larger body of Christ, they were also more and more focused on growing healthy partnerships.


Although C2C and MB Mission worked in different fields, it was apparent that they shared a common mission strategy. Was it for this purpose that God united C2C and MB Mission, so we could embrace our calling to grow partnerships together?




By March 2018, their Board was convinced that the two organizations should unite as one under the name of Multiply. The new agency would be MB-based and serve cross-denominationally to facilitate church planting locally, nationally and globally. The pillars of Multiply would be aligned with God’s calling: to make disciples, plant churches and grow partnerships. The cry of Multiply would be: together that the world may know.



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